Statement in Support of Solidarity with Black Pagans and Heathens

Statement in Support of Solidarity with Black Pagans and Heathens

Alongside our heathen and pagan siblings, and in response to Crystal Blanton’s challenge on Facebook, Hrafnar, a Troth-affiliated kindred based in Berkeley and Oakland, says:

We see you.

We see our members of color.

We see our black brothers, sisters, and others.

We see you, standing strong in our shared human heritage.

We see you, and we see the weight of systemic and institutionalized oppression from every level of governmental organization established to serve and protect the populace.

We see that our elected and appointed representatives do NOT serve us all equally.

We see our privilege and seek to understand your struggle.

We see you. We stand with you. Black Lives Matter.

We who stand with you therefore denounce and deplore:

  • The unjustified murder, violence, and disregard perpetrated on the black community by those who have broken their sworn oaths as officers of the law.
  • Racially based hatred and violence from all, but especially those who share our faith.
  • The further actions of those who share our faith but would deny its practice to anyone based on the color of their skin.

Now, as ever, Hrafnar is open to all who come with the intent of being a good guest in our hall. This invitation is, and is ever, extended to our black and brown siblings: Bifröst blazes with all colors, and Hrafnar will deny none of goodwill a seat at the feast.

We welcome our black and brown siblings. We welcome your ancestors. The hall stands open, a good seat reserved, and the mead is poured.

16 December 2014

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  1. Darrin Farris
    June 8, 2023 @ 11:33 am

    I’m so glad that this statement was made on your page because there’s such a lack of pages doing this and it needs to be said more because after the white nationalist bull crap that got pulled into Asatru alot of people got severely confused I’m half Duthch half African American by the way.


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