Let the Ravens Fly!

Hrafnar is a heathen kindred and community led by Diana L. Paxson. Our practice of the indigenous religion of the Germanic peoples, known as Ásatrú or heathenry, is based on interpretation of the lore in the light of inspiration and experience. We also conduct classes and other activities such as oracular seiðr.

Most Hrafnar activities take place on Wednesdays at Greyhaven in Berkeley. On the first Wednesday of the month we brew mead and discuss the lore, the second Wednesday we hold our regular kindred meeting; the third Wednesday is reserved for whatever class Diana is running, currently a series on trance-work; on the fourth Wednesday the (closed) seidh working group meets, and when there is a fifth Wednesday, we gather in an appropriate location for a devotional to Odin.

Kindred meetings follow a regular cycle. In January we take oaths and do divination for the new year. February is the month of disirblót, honoring the goddesses and our female ancestors. In March we meet to admit new members and plan for the coming year, and in April we feast Ostara and the principal gods and goddesses. In May we honor one or more of the Vanir, in June, picnic with the landspirits, and in July hold an outdoor Midsummer BBQ. August is open for whatever seems appropriate, but in September the feasting season begins again with a harvest ritual for the Vanir. In October we hold alfarblót to honor the gods and male ancestors, November is open, and in December, of course, we celebrate Yule. Most of these meetings are open to visitors, but contact us first–see below.

Welcome to the revamped, redesigned, and renewed Hrafnar website! It is our goal to keep this updated with our very latest news, events, and articles that kindred members have written for pagan and heathen publications! Would you know more? Then drop us a line!


  • As one of the oldest and longest continuously running kindreds of the current modern heathen revival, Hrafnar is proud to stand alongside other inclusive heathen groups in support of Declaration 127.
  • WELCOME to everyone hearing about us at Pantheacon! Hrafnar members and our larger community are active throughout the convention, both in the main program and in the several hospitality rooms. Especially check out the Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry’s Hospitality Hall!
  • Seiðjallr, the oracular seiðr group associated with the kindred, presents quarterly oracular ritual at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU) at 1924 Cedar St. Our 2017-2018 schedule is as follows:
    • April 28, 2019
    • August 25, 2019
    • November 24, 2019
    • January 26, 2020
    • Doors for the event will open at 5:00 PM, with the ritual to shortly after that. Please be prompt, as the doors will be locked when the ritual starts.
    • A donation of $5 is suggested to help defray the cost of the hall, but no-one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.
  • Hrafnar is proud to announce that we are a Troth-affiliated kindred. Hrafnar has contributed many officers, board members, and volunteers to the Troth over the years, and we are ever strengthened by our relationship with heathenry’s best and most accessible resource. And, of course, we remain affiliated with local pan-pagan group Fellowship of the Spiral Path.
  • Hrafnar is one of the founding groups of the Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry. See our Facebook group for current discussion and activities.
  • Hrafnar members work to protect Midgard by taking part in events such as the People’s Climate Movement event in Oakland.
  • As always, the mailing list and Facebook page will have all the details on kindred events!

Hrafnar practices inclusive Heathenry. We welcome all, whatever their religious or ancestral background, physical ability, gender identity or sexual orientation, who wish a relationship with our Gods and Goddesses, their own ancestors, and the spirits of this land. Hrafnar expects that all participants in our activities will treat each other with frith and respect for each other’s boundaries—psychological, spiritual and sexual. Harassment, whether verbal or physical, is against our principles. Participation in most of our activities and events does not require formal membership, and none of our activities, events, or groups exclude involvement in other organizations.