Let the Ravens Fly!

Hrafnar is a heathen kindred and community led by Diana L. Paxson and Lorrie Wood. Our practice of the indigenous religion of the Germanic peoples, known as Ásatrú or heathenry, is based on interpretation of the lore in the light of inspiration and experience. We also conduct classes and other activities such as oracular seiðr.

Welcome to the revamped, redesigned, and renewed Hrafnar website! It is our goal to keep this updated with our very latest news, events, and articles that kindred members have written for pagan and heathen publications! Would you know more? Then drop us a line!


  • Raven Road Show! Diana, Lorrie, and other Hrafnar members will be appearing at:
  • WELCOME to everyone hearing about us at Pantheacon! Hrafnar members and our larger community are active throughout the convention, both in the main program and in the several hospitality rooms. Especially check out Othala Hearth’s Heathen Hospitality Hall in Room 257.
  • Seiðjallr, the oracular seiðr group associated with the kindred, presents quarterly oracular ritual at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU) at 1924 Cedar St. Our 2015 schedule is as follows:
    • 25 January
    • 31 May
    • 30 August
    • 29 November
    • Doors for the event will open at 5:00 PM, with the ritual to shortly after that. Please be prompt, as the doors will be locked when the ritual starts.
  • Hrafnar is proud to announce that we are a Troth-affiliated kindred. Hrafnar has contributed many officers, board members, and volunteers to the Troth over the years, and we are ever strengthened by our relationship with heathenry’s best and most accessible resource. And, of course, we remain affiliated with local pan-pagan group Fellowship of the Spiral Path.
  • As always, the mailing list and Facebook page will have all the details on kindred events!

Participation in most of our activities and events does not require formal membership, and none of our activities, events, or groups exclude involvement in other organizations.